Wellington Boot Care

Welshwellies are made by hand.  The wellington is built part by part on a metal last using specially cut patterned rubber pieces.  As rubber is a natural product, you may sometimes notice imperfections, however, these will not affect the performance of your wellingtons.

Welshwellies need more care than traditional wellingtons.  The design can be scratched and damaged if the wellingtons are not treated with care, do not drag or rub your wellingtons across rough surfaces.

Rubber is a natural product and although strong, will look better and last longer if given a little care and attention. Clean your wellingtons regularly, remove excess mud and dirt with water and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Rubber can crack if exposed to direct heat, do not force dry the wellingtons by a fire or any other strong heat source.  Never leave them in the sunlight for long periods.


It's important to remember that your wellingtons will keep your feet dry and are 100% waterproof.  However, they are not for rough work like building or industrial use.  The wellingtons will cope with the rigours you would expect normal wellingtons to cope with.

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